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Call for Scores

Orchestra of Our Time received over one hundred outstanding submissions from composers throughout the world for consideration in its Call for Scores Project. The orchestra is pleased to announce the winners of the Call for Scores project. The winning compositions are:

Dancing In Yellow Travis Kane
Dance of the Luna Fauna D.L. Morris
Colors of the Night Daniel Lo Ting Cheung
Trio Luzia Von Wyl
Manna Hatta Gianluca Verrengia
Dirty Dialog Alain Chiu
Moto Perpetuo Liviu Marinescu
Valence III Robert A. Baker
Night Before the Battle Don Dinesh Subsaingag
On the Hidden side of a Leaf Michael Gatonska
Sufi Dance Alex Nante
Letter Number one Paul Szpyrka
3 Chants and 3 Interludes Vera Ivanova
The Elements Adrian Pertout
Quartet After Wenhui Xie
Babalon Liza White
Ruinas Circulaies Jonas Tarm
Roadshow for Otto Carl Schimmel
Sonata for Violin and Piano Jason Thompson
No. One Rondo Peng Rongxin
Bokor-Or Adam Starr
Cool Runnings Alexandro Silva
Pebbles One Catarina Caldoroni
The House in the Sky Samuel Silveman
Boded Eyal Maoz
The Dark Entry Justin Beame
Red Helm In the Silver Sea Brian Buch
Preying Mantis Kevin Fenner
In Motion Murray Gross
Ever Changing Veins of Stone Hung Ming Kin Christopher
Interjection James McWilliam

The compositions will be rehearsed and recorded in June and November of 2011 and the winning composers will receive professional studio quality CD’s of their compositions for use in future career development. Additionally, some of the compositions may be considered for performance in the Orchestra of Our Time’s future performance series. Thank you for all the submissions.